Insuring your vehicle at all risks with a deductible is the way to have good coverage at a lower price, but when the time comes for an accident, your pocketbook will suffer by having to bear the expense of the deductible.

The solution is Aseguromifranquicia.


A product recently introduced in Spain but with a long history in many countries of the European Union, including the United Kingdom, where it currently generates more than 1.5 million pounds sterling in premiums.

It is mainly available for vehicle policies (cars and motorcycles) where there is an excess.

ASEGUROMIFRANQUICIA is a deductible protection policy that does not eliminate it, but rather covers it if it is applied by the main policy. Once the auto policy has responded and the customer has paid the deductible, the amount will be refunded. There is a waiting period of 30 days from the date of entry into force of the AseguroMiFranquicia policy (in the case of a renewal, this waiting period does not apply).


A customer with a deductible of €500 has an accident with damages worth €1000. His auto policy will pay €500 and the excess protection policy, AseguroMiFranquicia, will compensate him for the €500 he had to pay as an excess.

If the cost of the repair is less than €500, the main insurer will not compensate, as the deductible has not been exceeded. Therefore, since no deductible has been applied, AseguroMiFranquicia will be available for a future claim that does exceed €500.

The main insurer does not need to be informed that the client has acquired the protection of the franchise, AseguroMiFranquicia. The excess protection policy is an independent policy that complements any car, motorcycle or motorhome policy in which there is an excess.


  • Greater coverage: the cost of the annual AseguroMiFranquicia policy is insignificant in relation to the cost of the annual comprehensive policy.
  • Savings: You can considerably reduce your auto policy premium by increasing the deductible level.
  • Easy contracting: AseguroMiFranquicia can be renewed at the same premium as soon as it is used. Its validity is until the date of the incident, which exhausts it if it occurs before one year, or annually.
  • Refund Guarantee for accident expenses: various expenses derived from the accident may be recovered, up to the contracted limit, such as taxi expenses, overnight stay in a hotel, tow truck, stay of the vehicle in the workshop...
  • Excess coverage guarantee for occasional rental vehicles: If the client has their vehicle insured with the Aseguromifranquicia policy, in the event that they have an accident with an occasional rental vehicle and the excess is applied, they will have coverage up to the contracted limit.