Okay, your car hasn't just left the dealership... and paying a full risk is not among your priorities; But your third-party insurance, even if it is extended, is insufficient for what could happen to you or the vehicle.

You deserve something better.


CLIPTERCEROS is an accident expense reimbursement insurance that, in the event that you have a traffic accident with an opponent, with you being to blame, will reimburse you for the expenses caused by the incident up to the limit you have contracted. The way to add extra coverage to your policy for very little money:

From expenses for an overnight stay in a hotel, transportation from the scene of the accident or the workshop to your home, expenses for towing the vehicle, necessary repair of damage to your vehicle...

Let's take an example: with a coverage limit of €300, if you have had towing costs worth €120 and the vehicle repair amounts to €150, you will have coverage for those €270 that you had to pay and they will be returned to you* .

*Compensation subject to verification and authentication of proven evidence.

If you are a broker, you will know that the third-party insurance market is the largest in volume. In 2014, the third-party modality is the most used by 72.6% of individual users (Data from the UNESPA Insurance Business Association), which implies an opportunity to increase benefits by offering greater coverage to the client.

In the current environment in which automobile insurance finds itself, characterized by a market in which there is strong competition to grow in market share, differentiation of the offer and a price that is as adjusted as possible is essential. to your risk profile. Therefore, this accident expense reimbursement insurance is exclusive to the Insurance Brokers and Mediators channel. There is no direct contracting by the client, which represents a differentiation from the competition by offering a more personalized and global service.