Running a novel, low-cost, high-value marketing campaign that achieves a high level of loyalty…it is possible.


Bon&Auto are gift vouchers that cover the costs of repairing the vehicle in the event of an accident, up to a contracted limit. Currently the coverage available is €300, although higher coverage can be considered.

If the customer has a comprehensive policy with a deductible, when redeeming the voucher they will have the deductible covered up to €300. If, on the other hand, they have third-party insurance, they will be able to save up to €300 on repairs if they have an accident with an identified party.


Convenience and savings for the customer: since they do not have to pay money, Bon&Auto pays directly to the workshop.

Build customer loyalty by offering a high-value gift: much better than floor mats or a personalized keychain.

Low cost: vouchers can be purchased in packs of personalized quantities, adjusting to the budget your workshop has.

Easy management and administration: through our online platform you can register clients, print the vouchers and notify the incident.